ELITE FIBERGLASS EXTERIOR DOORS™ - Millcroft Windows and Doors
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For many years, wood and steel have been the most popular materials for front doors, possessing their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.  In recent years, versatile fiberglass entry doors have grown in popularity, as a great compromise between the two extremes.

When you are comparing products, be sure to collect as much information about the material used. Which company manufactured the actual door slab? What kind of stain process did they use? Can you get references from a few of their clients? You will find that there are many companies who can offer you beautiful doors for cheap, but be careful – you might end up with a door which looks cheap and not as beautiful as you had hoped. This is a significant investment which you do not want to replace after a few years.

At Millcroft Windows and Doors Limited, our Elite Fiberglass Collection, Fiberglass + Stainless Steel Collection, and our new Smooth EDGE Fiberglass Door Collection are manufactured with strong and durable material, largely immune to rotting and rusting, and our sophisticated manufacturing techniques ensure that the fiberglass exterior doors are practically indistinguishable from wood. Because of this, they are becoming more common and capturing an increasing share of the market. We now replicate a huge range of wood grains, from the dark, rich tomes of Mahogany to the honey warmth of Oak, and be sure to check out our new bold Teak, Craftsman and Knotty Alder series.


These rich woodgrain doors will satisfy your desire for authenticity.

  • Incomparable finish: high definition wood grain and wider, deeper embossments provide an exceptionally realistic look
  • Exclusive, wider door-glass that allows more light to enter
  • Thermal insulation value 7 times greater than a wood door
  • Design adapted to the northern climate
  • Easy to maintain




Elite Fiberglass Exterior Doors™can handle the most extreme climates, from the cold and damp northern winter to the heat and humidity of the subtropics. Unlike wood, they will not warp, crack or rot, and they do not require yearly treatment with paint, stain or varnish. Elite Fiberglass Exterior Doors™ are also rust and corrosion proof, adding to their longevity.


Our waterproof composite top and bottom rails and stiles will not absorb moisture, rot, warp or splinter. They are beautifully finished and sealed and easy to trim if required.


Elite Fiberglass Exterior Doors™are excellent insulators, even when designing one with our double glazed glass units. At a time when the price of heating homes or using the air-conditioning is increasing, this will make a huge difference to the household bills over the lifetime of the door. These insulating qualities also apply to noise, and a good quality fiberglass door dampens even the loudest noises.


To all but the closest inspection, Elite Fiberglass Exterior Doors™ look as elegant and beautiful as wooden doors, allowing you to create a great first impression and add value to your home.

They do not need regular painting or staining, and they do not discolor as is too often the case with vinyl entry doors.


Fiberglass doors are very resilient and most are fitted with multipoint secure locking mechanisms, ensuring that they can resist even the most determined of criminals.


Cross Section: Features and Benefits

True square edge design offers an attractive wood door appearance and permits easy field trimming. The engineered stiles shown below run the entire height of the door on both hinge and lock side. This provides superior rigidity and high resistance to thermal bow.

MasterGrain frames and simulated divided lites are also produced in fiberglass providing a perfect match to our doors. They provide unsurpassed strength and durability compared to any competitive products. They will not warp or twist under high temperature variations.

NVD Technology is a patented process that authentically replicates any natural surface. The door process begins by hand selecting the most desirable wood pieces to build a real wood door. A silicone casting accurately picks up the finest details of the wood grain and is transferred into a door mold using our Nickel Vapor Deposition Technology. The mold produces fiberglass skins used on MasterGrain doors with random grain depths and all the natural characteristics of real wood making our doors virtually indistinguishable to real wood doors.